Dextro Energy Triathlon London Hyde Park Pre race comment

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Looking forward to London Dextro Triathlon, in the midst of Kona preparation so not too sure how an Olympic distance will go! In fact this was “my” distance last year and I haven’t done one yet which seems bizarre. At the moment bitten by the long distance bug so it will be great to return for a blast of an outing. In tow the whole family it seems so Mike & I are really looking forward to it. 

 The last few weeks since Big Cow have been eventful to say the least. I came off my bike in a random communting accident and gashed my achillies on my large chain ring which took me of running for several weeks and so I was super worried all my battles with lower leg injury were back – seems to be coming back to normal now, but the lifeguards at my pool must of been thinking Oh that crazy aquajogger is back, luckily I am back on dryland again now…and then I became hypothermic in an open water non wetsuit swim at Eastbourne which was quite a scare, never experienced this before. So hoping for a straightforward race and no drama!!!

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